It’s a start of 2018, which means Java is now 22 years old, if we count from the first release of JDK (January 23rd, 1996). In technology things are rather rapid, many of you may be wondering which language to choose, whether Java will be a good choice. I can honestly say that it is worth looking at few languages before you decide on the one. Ultimately, the majority of programmers choose one language as a specialization and use the others as their projects require.

I am not going to convince you to choose Java, because you have to make a decision, I can only help you.

1. Java is Easy to learn

Java has a very clear, understandable syntax. The ability to quickly understand what’s going on in the code favors the learning process. The syntax of the language resembles English, once you are familiar with the basic rules that apply when writing the code, it will be very easy for you to write a program in Java!

2. Object-Oriented Language

Java is an object-oriented language. This feature contributed to the popularity of this language. OOP (Object Oriented Programming) makes developing applications very easy, flexible and easy to expand. If you are a completely newbie and OOP doesn’t ring a bell, do not worry about it, during our tutorials everything will be discussed in detail.

3. Many Tools To Help You Write The Code

Eclipese, InetllJ and NetBeans are the most popular IDE (Integrated Development Environment) at the moment. The integrated development environment, place where you will write your code, is the foundation for any developer. These tools are an invaluable help in working with the code. Creating new projects, exporting, importing projects, or the basic configuration boils down to the selection of appropriate options. IDE scans your code in real-time and prompts you with syntax errors, or possible other defects in your code. Throughout this website we will focus on programming using InteliJ.

4. Java is Everywhere

Well, maybe I’m a little exaggerating here, but I’m close to the truth. In Java, we can write applications for ordinary computers, websites, applications for mobile devices, but that’s not all. Software written in Java can be found in various types of everyday equipment (eg refrigerators, washing machines) Java can be hidden everywhere, there are almost no restrictions here. We are going to use it mostly for Selenium, to help you save time and enyoj your job a little.

5. A large Collection of Open Source Libraries

The collection of free libraries that make our work easier is really huge. If we need to use Java for a specific task (eg: sending a Rest request, opening a browser and testing), there is a library that will do most of the work for us.

6. Similarity to C #

The C # language, you can tell, took the best features from Java. Thanks to this, learning Java can help you lear another fast growing language.

7. Jobs 

All the above-mentioned points make the job market for Java programmers very large. If you want to create Android apps, great! there are many smaller and larger companies that are looking for java programmers at various levels of experience. The same applies to other areas of Java. Java is everywhere, so the demand for developers is high.


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