To start our adventure with programming in Java, we must first install it. The key word in this case is JDK (Java Development Kit – software for programmers who want to write programs in Java). There are a number of Java-related concepts that may seem ambiguous at first, but you should not worry about it! All concepts will be explained, and if there are any questions, I invite you to write a comment after our posts. At the moment it should be clear that JDK is simply needed to start programming.

Step 1 – Downloading JDK:

To download JDK, go to the java download page.


If you don’t know the type of Windows you have. Right click on you ‘My Computer Icon’ and click on the ‘Properties’ and see you System Type. If you system type is 64-bit get the Windows x64 JDK else go with x86.

Step 2 – Installation:

Click on the downloaded file. Next, Next, Next…

You will be able to find you JDK following this path: C:\Program Files\Java.


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