Tools Needed:

  • GIT at
  • IntelliJ IDEA at

Create New Maven Project Using IntelliJ IDEA:

  1. File -> New -> Click ‘Project’

  1. Select ‘Maven’ and your SDK then Click ‘Next’

  1. Fill out the GroupId, ArtificalId, Version as below and then Click ‘Next’

  1. Your Project Name Should Transfer Over From Previous Step – ArtifactId And Click Finish

*** Hint: Project location need to contain the project name at the end : C:\Users\rstolarc\QaWebTester\QaProject

  1. Open The Project in New Window


Connect your project to GIT Repository:

  1. Navigate to you project folder





  1. Start ‘GIT Bash’




  1. Navigate to your project folder by typing:

cd C:/Users/rstolarc/Documents/NewFolder/SampleProject




  • When coping pasting the path, you have to use mouse right click and paste. Remember to change all “\” to “/”.
  • Your Project Name nor your folder name should contain any spaces. For example: a folder name named ‘New Folder’ would throw an error in git bash.



  1. Type: git init




*** Mac Users: Use tilde symbol to navigate to your folder. For Example : cd ~/ Documents/MyFolder


  1. Verify your project has a ‘master’:







  1. Right click on your ‘scr’ folder, then mouse over ‘Git’ and Click ‘Add’. Any Java Class inside a folder/package should turn green.









  1. Right click on project name -> SampleProject, then mouse over ‘Git’ and Click on ‘Commit Directory’





*** Info:

Green: New Files

Blue: Changed Files

Red: Excluded Files




  1. Type in your Commit Message and Click on ‘Commit’ Button








  1. Click on VCS -> Mouse Over ‘Git’ -> Click on Push



  1. Click on ‘Define Remote’ and paste in your GitHub Url.


  1. Click on ‘Push’ Button



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